"Man, the living creature, the creating individual, is always more important than any established style or system."Bruce Lee

Rob Scheier

Head BJJ Instructor Rob is Ricardo Almeida’s 1st blackbelt, which was presented to him by Renzo Gracie in November 2004. He has been teaching and training with Renzo since 1994. Aside from traveling to New York and New Jersey over the years, Rob has also traveled to Brazil and Japan specifically to train and aid in fight preparation. He has been a longtime training partner and second for many UFC fighters including Kurt Pellegrino and Greg Soto. He also works with east coast prospect Dan Root who currently fights for John Rallo’s Shogun Fights. His goal is to pass on his knowledge and provide an atmosphere on the mats that promotes growth and confidence, while producing local, national and world champions. His experiences training over the last 20 years with ADCC, Mundial and NCAA athletes has molded him into the practitioner he is today.

LINEAGE Mitsuo “Count Koma” Maeda –> Carlos Gracie Sr. –> Carlos “Carlinhos” Gracie Jr. –> Renzo Gracie/Ricardo “Cachorrao” Almeida –> Rob Scheier

RENZO GRACIE – WEBSITE NEWS, December 2004 “ROB SCHEIER was awarded his BLACK BELT. He is the first black belt formed by my alliance with my black belt, and Jiu jitsu STAR, Ricardo Almeida. I still remember when Rob was beginning to train Jiu jitsu, right across the street from the Liberty Bell, in the old Philadelphia school, I always knew he would go all the way. Congratulation my friend !!!!! NO ENGLISH !!!!! hahahahahaha.”


Rob Greenidge

Head BJJ Instructor Rob began training at Precision in 2007 and immediately began competing. Within 2 years he was competing at the pro level. As a purple belt, Rob’s first attempt at ADCC trials saw him submitting two opponents before falling short in the semi finals. Rob was recently awarded his black belt and has once again returned to competition where he took 2nd place in the Grapplers Quest Pro Sub-Only (submitting two highly touted black belts along the way).

“In life, things are going to happen that cause you to face hardships, you can make excuses or you can make progress. Training Jiu-Jitsu really gave me a sense of self-awarness and helped project my learnings and allowed me to adapt to situations both on and off the mats. Jiu-Jitsu has done so much for me and I hope to pass on those values to both the current and future students of Precision.” – Rob “Superman” Greenidge


Chris Petersen

Kids BJJ instructor Chris began training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 2008. His experience working with kids includes being a summer camp counselor (sports, music, martial arts), having participated in after school community arts programs, and implementing new musical and performing arts activities within these community service programs. Chris teaches all kids classes and continues to be an inspiration and leader to not only the kids at Precision but also to his teammates and fellow instructors! Chris received his brown belt from Rob in December of 2016.

Our kids program fosters and encourages the development of every child’s unique attributes. We maintain a fun and safe environment for all youth practitioners, whether the goal is self defense, physical activity or self awareness!


Dylan Royce

Dylan began his training in 2009 under Rosendo Diaz. He received his blue and purple belt from Rosendo and Royler Gracie, and in February 2017 was promoted to black belt by his current instructor, Rob Scheier. Dylan has competed in over 150 BJJ matches, winning tournaments under NAGA, Grapplers Quest, US Grappling and The Good Fight. Dylan is currently undefeated in Fight 2 Win promotions as well, with 4 victories and a submission of the night honor.

Dylan also has a B.S. in Exercise & Sports Science and is an avid photographer. He is an active competitor and instructor.


Mike Wheeler

Mike started training under Rob in 2007. As a white belt he won gold in a U.S. Grapplers Tournament. His coaching and instructing experience is also evident outside of the gym as well. He has volunteered as a football, baseball, and wrestling coach in his community. His BJJ knowledge and understanding has been a huge help for our beginners in self-defense and in the sport/competition aspect of grappling, and in April of 2015, Mike was promoted to brown belt under Rob Scheier.


John Derent

John Derent began training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the early nineties under Renzo Gracie. During those years he was fortunate to have a lot of direct training with Renzo, Rodrigo Gracie, Ricardo Almeida, Shawn Williams, John Danaher, Fabio Leopolodo and many others. In 2005 John moved and began training under Rob Scheier. John enjoys to learn and teach jiu-jitsu and can be found instructing the morning classes at Precision Jiu-Jitsu.


Steve McDermott

Steve started training in 2006 and instructs several Gi and No-Gi classes during the week. In September of 2016 Steve received his black belt from Rob and has been one of our key team members, training partners, and instructors at Precision.